Aku dan Dia

Hendak aku mencari cahaya tapi rumah aku tak berjendela.

Mayday, Mayday … #MH370

Seeing that MH370 is still not found, best for the Minister and team to take a deep breath and get their public relations act together. We will be tuning in at 5:30pm, daily.

Notes du Viet Nam (III)

“Many families were separated. Many still waiting for sons who will never return”.

Notes du Viet Nam (II)

The train ride to Vinh is a bit more than five hours long. Because it was Christmas, and I wanted something special of it, an old Vietnamese woman came onboard half way through the journey with a big wet box of fish.

Notes du Viet Nam (I)

I laughed a little and cried a little. God has a peculiar sense of humour.

Malaysia must stop exploiting foreign workers

“I cannot forgive, I cannot forget, but I can make sure I do not treat my own workers here the way I was treated in Malaysia”

The little things matter most …

Therein lies the truth about healing, I believe. One must look into The Abyss …

Taylor’s University, shame on us

It was even more embarrassing that he, and other guests from abroad, found out that the woman had been sitting there in the food court for about four hours without help from a single soul. Is this who we are as Malaysians?

Thank God for people like Liza

They wanted her to become what she was not—a masculine straight man. But this is akin to expecting the Atacama Desert to turn into a rainforest.